It's about more than food. It's about the way we do business.

Piccadilly Cafeteria first opened in 1932 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Twelve years later, a budding restaurateur by the name of T. H. Hamilton took the reins with hopes of growing the business. Today, we have 60 restaurants and 80 food service locations all across the southeast. So, why choose Piccadilly?

True Partnerships

Each prospective client meets directly with a Regional Manager or a Restaurant Manager. The people who develop and design your individual food service solution will be the same people who will deliver on the commitment!

Tailored Food Service Solutions

Every menu for every client is personalized. We find out what the guests want and our team works to tailor-make a solution. You can even consult with the Corporate Chef to customize menus and recipes that work for you.

History of Excellence

With 60 restaurants, over 80 food service locations and over 80 years of experience in the food service industry, you may already be familiar with us. We're probably right in your neighborhood.

We satisfy our clients. We cater to the guests.

As a company that has its roots in the restaurant industry, we have a unique perspective when compared to many of our competitors. We understand that the best way to ensure a great relationship with our client is to cater to the guests that we serve every day. That's why we offer a wide variety of wholesome menu items at an affordable price in a menu customized to fit the guests' preferences.

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A philosophy of freshness.

Piccadilly Restaurants was founded on the philosophy of serving top-quality food at reasonable prices. At Piccadilly Food Service, our philosophy is the same. Our goal is to bring visual appeal, variety and exciting flavors to the foods we serve, all at an affordable cost.

Fresh Ingredients

You can be sure that the food the guests sit down to is always fresh. Meals are prepared daily with the utmost care and attention given to quality, taste and temperature, ensuring that the guests are always happy.

Working at a moment's notice.

We understand that in business, events sometime happen at a moment's notice. Our flexibility, knowledge, and experience in the food service industry help us to keep turnaround times as quick as possible.

With restaurants currently operating throughout the Southeastern United States, we have personnel, facilities, product, and distribution resources ready and waiting to be utilized as soon as you need them.

As of 2012, we've provided over 500,000 meals and snacks. As part of our partnership with the American Red Cross, we prepared thousands of meals for emergency feedings across five states.


Surgical Center

The largest physician-owned hospital in New Orleans asked Piccadilly to develop their food service. The center required a custom solution, which included the design of the serving and work space, as well as the development of the food production and serving distribution methodology.

We partnered with the hospital's administration to ensure that all of the equipment met government requirements. We also worked closely with the hospital's dietician to develop menus and supporting nutritional information to satisfy the needs of incoming patients.

As a quality assurance, we conducted several trials with the hospital's staff to guarantee all parties understood their responsibilities and job duties. In addition we developed a record keeping system for all food temperatures and conducted a training program to ensure that all sanitation requirements were fully met.

The partnership has been successful due in large part to our commitment to properly understand their needs and develop a customized food service operation.


High School

An all-girl Catholic high school located in New Orleans called upon Piccadilly Food Service to take over food service operations following Hurricane Katrina. Since then, we have not only replaced their previous program, we have also worked closely with the students, faculty and staff to develop additional offerings. Students and faculty now enjoy the choice of a complete meal, grilled or fried chicken sandwiches, a soup and salad bar, smoothies, premium coffee and hot chocolate.


Senior Center

In 2006, a Georgian senior center approached Piccadilly Food Service. They needed a food service organization that could provide healthy, homestyle meals appropriate for aging adults. We were able to develop a custom menu unique to their guests needs and preferences. Every day, fresh ingredients are delivered to the facility. Meals are prepared from scratch on site by our chef who has over 20 years of experience in the business. A variety of classic entrées along with vegetables, salads, sandwiches and soups are prepared daily to guests' liking. Country-style and continental breakfasts are also offered, and freshly made desserts are brought in every other day from our restaurant, ensuring a well-rounded menu guests always love.

Emergency Response

Emergency Services

In recent years, Piccadilly has served over 400,000 emergency relief meals, often in post-disaster conditions and under very difficult circumstances. Piccadilly currently provides emergency meals to areas throughout the Southeast during times of crisis. Piccadilly also has contracts to work with numerous state and local governments to provide for those in times of need.

In the past, Piccadilly has been called upon to provide 20,000 hurricane relief meals with only 24-hours notice. Thanks to a great team and a close working relationship with our distributors, we were serving fresh, hot meals 23 hours later to people in great need.

Business & Industry

Office Complex

We were approached by a multi-building office complex in Atlanta with three separate food service facilities spread out across the development. Piccadilly Food Service took over these facilities from the previous contractor, and implemented this transition over a four-day holiday weekend. Over the course of the four days we remodeled each of the three locations, installing new kitchen equipment and new point of sales material. We also stocked and prepped each of the three restaurants, offering a customized menu to each.

Special Events and Catering

Office Park

A multibuilding office complex in Atlanta approached us about putting together a large upscale holiday party for their tenants. The party was to have a “Times Square, New Year's Eve in New York” theme. The building in which the party was to be held was completely empty, with no ceiling tiles or flooring, and needed to be made to look appropriately festive for the upscale event. Piccadilly Food Service was able to provide a team of 20 managers to facilitate the planning and execution of the event, renting tables, hiring a 17-piece jazz band, and decorating the facility with hundreds of strings of lights. We topped tables with top hat center pieces and provided 12 large canvas photos of New York City that served as wall coverings and added to the theme of the evening. We set up carving, salad, drink and pastry stations and, at the request of management, provided all guests with recyclable utensils and flatware made from corn-based materials. Within two hours of the start of the party Piccadilly Food Service had served approximately 1,750 guests, making for a party that would be remembered as a huge success for years to come.

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