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The Piccadilly Difference

The Power of the Picc’

There’s nothing quite as deliciously satisfying as picking out a meal with your own eyes, and no one offers this freedom quite like Piccadilly where we let you create a masterpiece by hand-selecting each of the specific dishes you’re craving.

At Piccadilly, we believe in letting your eyes feast first. That’s why we feature over 50 freshly prepared items on our serving line every day. Our menu is much more than just pictures and captions – it’s a daily display of our best and newest specialties. So, step right up and pick out any entrée, then add two tasty sides and top it all off with your choice of our fresh baked breads.

Surprise yourself. Even if you know exactly what you want when you step through our doors, chances are the sight of our fresh-made entrées, sides and desserts will change your mind. Maybe it’s the sweet, crispy corner of our famous Carrot Soufflé. Or that Blackened Chicken Breast seared with the perfect dusting of Cajun spices. Just point it out and one of our friendly team members will make it yours!

Starting at $8.49, our homestyle meals always offer an affordable yet flavorful way to keep everyone happy. Don’t fight the urge. Come back as often as you like. You can just blame it on the hundreds of recipes we have up our sleeve.

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We love breakfast so much that we made it all-you-can-eat and threw in the coffee (it’s just not complete without it). Feast on fresh-made eggs, bacon and more – or visit one of our cook stations for omelets, pancakes and French toast prepared just how you like them.

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