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225Magazine - "New Piccadilly, Who Dis?"

This except is part of the cover story "Made in Baton Rouge", in 225 Magazine's November 2018 edition. Read the full article here.

“Every time we talk to guests, they have such fond memories of Piccadilly, even if they haven’t been [to one of our restaurants] lately,” Malik says.

Memories of the whole family eating at Piccadilly after church on Sundays or picking up a mid-week meal are almost universal for locals. And for many, the day they stood in the Piccadilly line and picked out their own dinner for the first time was a childhood rite of passage.

Despite the company’s multiple bankruptcy filings and the restaurants’ static decor, brand loyalty persists—just like the array of desserts near the registers.

That’s part of why the Capital City is critical to Piccadilly’s success today and in the future, Malik says. Baton Rouge is where it all started, and loyal fans are ready to support the brand’s growth here. Even now, the headquarters team is fielding regular calls from local residents asking when a new Piccadilly will open in their area.

With the new Piccadilly To-Go format, he says the company is focused on delivering the “old charm of the Piccadilly experience” in a much better, more contemporary environment. The kitchen will prepare the same reasonably priced, comfort food on site and display the offerings behind glass for customers to see, but the Piccadilly team will also utilize a drive-thru window for added convenience.

Read the full article here.

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