Piccadilly Emergency Services.

Piccadilly Emergency Services is dedicated to providing meals during times of crisis. In fact, we've served over 500,000 emergency relief meals, often in post-disaster conditions and under very difficult circumstances. Throughout the years, we've partnered with numerous state and local governments to provide for those in need. Our flexibility, knowledge and experience in the food service industry help us to keep turnaround times as quick as possible.

The Facts

  • 2005: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – served
    100,000 meals through American Red Cross
  • 2008: Hurricanes Gustav and Ike – served over
    260,000 meals throughout Louisiana
  • 2011: Served 12,000 meals after tornadoes in
  • 2012: Hurricane Isaac – served 130,000 meals

We've even been called upon to provide 20,000 hurricane relief meals with only 24-hours notice. Thanks to a great team and a close working relationship with our distributors, we were serving fresh, hot meals to people in need just 23 hours later.

The Method

Disasters happen in a moment's notice. In order to provide to those in need, we've developed the Piccadilly Emergency Kitchen, a system that allows us to prepare, mobilize and serve thousands of meals quickly. With our new mobile methodology, we're able to serve fresh, high-quality, high-volume meals wherever you need us, in a short amount of time.

In order to help those impacted by disasters, we've partnered with the American Red Cross and numerous utility companies and state and local agencies.

Piccadilly Emergency Services is devoted to helping those in need during times of crisis. And we'll be ready for whatever happens next.

Getting started

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