Food solutions developed with the guests in mind.

The changing lifestyle and dining preferences of today’s guests require an experienced and well-trained management team who can relate and respond to the diverse needs of the marketplace. At Piccadilly Food Service, our innovative menus are custom created to reflect our guests’ unique dining preferences. From hearty American classics such as Fried Chicken and Southern Fried Fish to regional favorites like Crawfish Étouffée and Red Beans and Rice, we have the food the guests want.

We also understand that it's imperative to have programs and menu offerings that address the diverse needs of those guests seeking healthy dining alternatives. We have numerous salads, entrée and vegetable options for those looking for healthy meals or with special dietary requirements. In addition, because we prepare so much of our food from scratch, many items can be made to order the way the guest prefers.

If you'd like more information regarding a custom solution to your particular needs, please contact our Food Service Team.

Food Service Team

Keith Brown

Vice President, Piccadilly Food Service

(225) 296-8335

Chris Sanchez

Chief Operating Officer

(225) 296-8338 

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