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About Piccadilly Food Service


Forming True Partnerships

Being rooted in the restaurant industry, we take great pride in the fresh-made goodness of our homestyle food. Still, we place equal importance on the impeccable service that makes your life a little easier. We work closely with you, customizing a menu with variety to suit your group’s specific preferences and budget. From first contact to final delivery, our flexibility, experience and knowledge makes the process efficient and stress-free.

Guest Satisfaction

At Piccadilly Food Service, you’ll work closely with a regional or restaurant manager to create customized menus that meet your guests’ specific dining preferences.

Our dining programs and catering services have the flexibility to accommodate both casual and upscale needs. We can create a wide variety of fresh-made, well-balanced meals – even serving items not on our traditional menu.

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Philosophy of Freshness

Piccadilly Restaurants was founded on the philosophy of serving top-quality food at reasonable prices. At Piccadilly Food Service, our philosophy is the same. Our goal is to bring visual appeal, variety and exciting flavors to the foods we serve, all at an affordable cost.

You can be sure that the food the guests sit down to is always fresh. Meals are prepared daily with the utmost care and attention given to quality, taste and temperature, ensuring that the guests are always happy.

Rapid Response

Piccadilly Emergency Services has served more than 625,000 relief meals over the years, often under very difficult circumstances.

Piccadilly Emergency Kitchen is our unique mobile method for preparing, mobilizing and serving thousands of high-volume, fresh-made meals quickly. Our flexibility, knowledge, and experience allow us to keep turn around times tight. In addition, we’ve partnered with numerous utility companies, as well as state and local agencies to help those impacted by disasters.

Food Service Information Request

To schedule a meeting or request more information about Piccadilly Food Service, please submit the following form. A Piccadilly Food Services representative will contact you shortly. Or call 1.800.742.2304.

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